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Imagiro is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to all aspects of the art of origami. You don't have to be an origami creator, designer or author to join - members come from a wide range of origami practitioners, but our one common characteristic is our passion for our chosen art.

Imagiro is published in the Amateur Press Association tradition - every two months, each member sends their contribution to the editor, who collates them and sends the completed issue, or 'zine as it's usually called, back out to all the members. Since issue 104, we are publishing digitally. Members send in their contributions electronically, the editor collates, and sends out the 'zine in electronic (PDF) format. If a member would like to create a cover, then they submit it to the editor. Otherwise the editor creates the cover for an issue. Any topic is fair game for a contribution, as long as it's at least reasonably related to the art of origami!

Currently there are no dues.

Membership is limited to 23 contributors at any one time; we maintain a waiting list of people interested in joining. When a spot opens up, the current membership votes among the current waiting list candidates. To be and stay a member, you must be willing to contribute at least 2 written pages every two months, pay any dues, and, obviously, have some involvement in the origami community. If you'd like to become a member send an email message to:

For more details, see our FAQ.

Current members:

Michael Assis

Elsa Chen

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Andrew Hudson -

Marc Kirschenbaum -

Scott Macri

Enrique Martinez -

Jeannine Mosely

Jorge Pardo -

Jeremy Schafer -

Boaz Shuval [membership editor]

John Szinger -

Brian Webb [editor] -

Janet Yelle